Saturday, December 27, 2008

What are YOUR memories?

Memories are a Great Thing. They make the past seem like the present. This is a survey that Waynette has on her blog and I've copied and put in my own answers....

Q. What is your best New Years memory?
A. I remember the year that our family spent New Year’s in Gatlinburg. We listen and danced to ‘Boogie Woggle Bugle Boy of Company D’ and Jim really enjoyed the ICED TEA and my Dad never knew.

Q. What is your best Valentine memory?
A. Valentine’s 1992. LOL… welcome Molly November 12, 1992.

Q. What is your best Easter memory?
A. Best Easter would be 1958 or 1959 when we lived in Texas and my Grandparents flew out to spend the week with us.

Q. What is your best memory of the Fourth of July?
A. This would probably be 1959 when we were living in Texas and we visited some friends of my father. They were the very first people I knew that had a ‘real’ in-ground swimming pool in their back yard. It was also the day that my baby rabbit, that we had gotten from the edge of the veggie garden, died.

Q. What is your best Halloween Memory?
A. This would probably be around 1976 when I went to my first girl/boy party at the Holland’s. I even tried to bob-for-apples.

Q. Do you have a favorite Thanksgiving memory?
A. My favorite Thanksgiving memory would be when we would go to my ‘cousins’ Chris and Mabel’s house. The children were allowed to sit at the grown up table with all the fine china. We would have punch tea, Leola rolls, real butter and tomato aspic. I really remember the real crystal stemware with the water condensation.

Q. What was your favorite Christmas memory?
A. That is a hard one to pinpoint. I remember when I was about 4 and getting a doll as big as I was. I remember the first Christmas after my Mother died and I helped my Dad put out Santa for my little brother. I remember the first Christmas that I didn’t stay at my parents home and cried that ‘Santa wouldn’t be able to find me!’. I remember helping my Nanny D. bring Christmas decorations out of the cellar and their deep rich earthy smell. I remember Christmas Dinner at my Uncle Andy’s where I was amazed there was actually food because no one cooked in that house. I remember my oldest waking me at 4:00am- saying “Oh Momma he really came!!” and I remember the Christmas where Steve gave me my fur coat because I had heard all over town “YOU ARE NOT GOING TO BELIEVE WHAT YOU HUSBAND HAS YOU FOR CHRISTMAS.”

What are YOUR favorite memories?


Waynette said...

I am glad you reposted this. I love to see the different answers people give.

It's ironic that we are all very different, but so much the same!


Sue said...

Fantastic memories, Ann! I love family stories and you have a marvelous memory for them.
Can't believe you actually got to sit at the big table with the adults and the finery. That's very special.
What are Leola rolls?
Do you still have the fur coat? Mine started shedding and I gave it away.

Ann said...

Waynette- I agree with are all so much alike while being so different!

Ann said...

Sue- lol... Leola was the housekeeper/maid/cook for our cousins Chris and Mabel. She made the most Fabulous rolls. They were probably just Angel Rolls with lot and lots of real butter. But they were "Leola Rolls"....ymmmmm I'm getting hungry just thinking about them.

And YES, I still have my fur coat. I realized that this year it is 21 years old and it is "My Coat". I wear it to dress up for fancy gatherings... and I wear it with my shabbiest blue jeans and sweat shirts. If it's cold outside- it is what I wear!! I sure hope it doesn't start shedding.. cuz I would get cold!

Jim said...

Those are good memories Ann. I'm hungry thinking about those Leola rolls also! Rolls don't have that yeast smell and flavor these days like they did back then.

Ann said...

LOL... "Rolls don't have that yeast smell and flavor these days like they did back then." That's cuz all we end up having now is Sister Schuberts!!!

Anonymous said...

i laughed. i teared up a little. and then thought...u didnt go to your first boy/girl party until after you were married..... interesting. lol

Ann said...

Oh great.... Leave it to an anonymous poster to figure out that I put the wrong date for the first girl/boy party I went to... IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN 1966/67 LOL.... Thanks for pointing that out!!!!