Monday, December 15, 2008

It's a Great Day to be Alive!

Thanks to all of you that sent up a few extra words for me! I know they are what got me through today!

So..... I sold the Restaurant today!!!!!!

Yes, this is a good thing. No, I didn't get a lot of money. But it is now in the hands of someone that actually knows restaurant work and I think has the real desire to keep it local tradition.

So It's a great day to be alive...!


Jim said...

Hey congrats on selling the hobby job. LOL Great song!

Ann said...

Thanks Jim! I decided I needed another hobby.... I'm thinking about thumb twiddling or chair warming! that song has been playing in my head all afternoon!

Sue said...

Ann, that sounds like a good thing. I marveled at how you could do your regular job, which I believe is full time, and tackle the restaurant as well. I'm sure you enjoyed many aspects of the experience and surely learned a thing or two. I admire you for going for it and handling all that responsibility for as long as you did!
I'm not sure if you're talking about being under contract or you actually closed on the sale, but as far as the money or profit goes, I've told many a commercial or residential seller that the right time to sell is when it's right for you, not when you can time the market at the perfect moment. Maximizing the money made on a venture is a good thing and good business, but not when it's at the expense of what you want to do with your time and your life. I'm encouraged many a seller to remember the value of their time, reduced stress, and their peace of mind when closing on a business sale. They seem to appreciate the reminder.

And that song is one of my very favorites! I know a few men who fit that narrative perfectly and with a few changes in the words, it could be me. Maybe even you, too!

Waynette said...

Congratulations! I am so happy for you.

Ann said...

Sue- Thank you for your kind words! Yes it was as you advise your clients... it was the right time. This was something I needed to do for me... There is a lot more history in this but just know this was the Right thing to do.

We actually signed all the papers today so when we get last weeks payroll paid (tomorrow) and the payroll taxes paid (some time next week) my 'official' duties will be behind me.

I will always have a place in my heart for this business and want them to do a wonderful business. But NO MATTER WHAT I am finished with this segment of my life (that itched has now been scratched twice!!! No more!!!) And I hope that Country Comes To Town will always remind me if I ever think about traveling down that road again!!!!

And you know.. you wouldn't have to change many of the words of that song to be me! It's a great day to be alive!!!!!

Ann said...

Waynette thanks for the congratulations! I'm sure that the people at my 'real' job (non-profit) will be glad that I don't have my hands in so many things and can concentrate on what I am supposed to do and what I get paid to do!!!!!

Jinxie said...

Congratulations Ann! I'm so happy for you! Yeah, now back to your other job. lol Bless your heart for trying to do both, sometimes we have to admit that we can only do so much and know when its time to say "I'm done" and it looks like you found that time.
Have a great day!

Sue said...

Ann, there's great satisfaction in giving something a go. Now you'll not spend the rest of your life wondering "what if" or "I wish I'd tried that".

Angie ^i^ said...

Give it about five years and that itch will need to be scratched again!! *chuckle*

Congratulations on closing yet another chapter in your life, and awaiting the new one to begin!!!

Ann said...

Angie... that is one itch that I sure hope is all scratched out! I'll wait on a new chapter... for now it's figuring out how to use the BlackBerry!