Thursday, December 11, 2008

Snow Predicted and Cinnamon Rolls

They say that the rain we continued to received overnight and this morning will be turning to snow by late afternoon. They even predict at least a dusting here in the valley and up to 3 inches in higher elevations.

So what do you do if they predict snow? I'm one of the first in line to grocery store for snow supplies. No, I'm not going for milk and bread...... I'm headed for ingredients for a couple of recipes. I nearly always cook a big pot of chili when it snows and then something else new and fun.

IF (notice I said IF with capital letters) they say that the rain is turning to snow and the roads are becoming slippery... it will off to the Piggly Wiggly for Chili makings and Cinnamon Rolls.

I've been waiting on just the right time to make Pioneer Woman's cinnamon rolls. They look divine and the recipe sounds like something even I can make!


Angie ^i^ said...

I LOVE the Pioneer Woman's recipes! I've made several of them and they're all yummy!! Please eat a Cinnamon roll for me (I'm dieting as always). Let us know if the recipe turns out as good as it looks ~ I'm sure my kids would love it!!

If you get that snow dusting, you make sure you drive carefully! I hear driving in the snow is rather difficult (not that I have any experience in it at all).

Have a GREAT day!

Jim said...

Ann I hope you get a little snow and get to make chili and cinnamon rolls. The snow always seems to just miss you but maybe you'll get to see a little this year.

Sue said...

Ann, it looks like the snow missed you. Is that right?
But so what. Make the cinnamon rolls anyway! They look major yummy:)

Ann said...

Well... as of 6:55pm we are still way above freeze and it is just drizzling. But they have already announced that school will be delayed 2 hours in the morning! (Get a life)

So, at the moment I have a pot of chili going and have BOUGHT the stuff for the cinnamon rolls. But the white stuff will have to appear before I break out that kind of cooking! lol......

Ann said...

Angie... my oldest laughed today and said... ohhhh I see another blog title coming..... Driving in Snowy Weather!

So after we eat the chili.. I may attempt that!

Sue said...

Ann, the one of the funniest things I've ever seen was watching the folks in Atlanta make their way around on icy, snowy roads when I lived there back in 95 or so. A bunch of Southerners slipping and sliding and cussing. It was great!

Angie ^i^ said...

As long as the "Driving in Snowy Weather" doesn't have anything bad in it, I'd like to read it!

I'm all for living vicariously through you "northerners". haha