Wednesday, December 24, 2008

He ATE it!!!

Well.. he didn't really eat it. He really just tasted a little bit. What was it? Velveeta Cheese Fudge!

Jim's comments were "Ugggh... I can taste the cheese!" I said "No you can Not!". Jim "Well I taste something!".... "Well duhhhh, it's fudge!".... "Oh... ok... it's not bad! With this cold I couldn't be sure what I was tasting!" "Brothers!"

Tonight was great! We had the family gathering and amazingly enough everyone got along! The kids had a great time running and squealing while the adult filled their stomachs with lots of really good food. We managed to get through eating before we were instructed to help put away the tables and chairs and get everything cleaned up.

Then our immediate family went upstairs to open our gifts! Let me tell you that my brother is the best gift buyer ever! A FEW OF THE THINGS he got me were accessories for my new Blackberry Storm. I now will be one of those idiotic looking folks walking around talking to myself, since I am now the proud owner of Blue Tooth!

I'll post a picture tomorrow of the necklace that my hubby got me!!!! :-)


Jinxie said...

Awe Merry Christmas to you all! We attended Church services (amazing fellowship) and spent a nice quiet evening at home.

Angie ^i^ said...

I knew it! I knew the cheese could be tasted!!! Thank goodness we have Honest Jim (kinda like the non presidential version of Honest Abe) to do our taste testing!!! He'd never steer us wrong!! LOL

I can see you now, walking down the street yacking to yourself with that silly thing attached to your ear! LOL.. I love watching folks using those, they almost always have this aire about them.. like their noses are stuck ever so high in the air with the thought that they're better than everyone else!! Now I know you'll not be one of those folks which is why it would be fun to watch you.. lol.. you'll be like "See, normal folks have them too.. neener neener neener". LOL

I'm glad you and your family had a great Christmas Ann.. it sounded simply spendid!!!

I look forward to seeing the picture of the necklace you got.

Belated Merry Christmas to you sweetie!

*big hugs* Angie