Sunday, November 30, 2008

It's already December...

Oh me oh my oh... It's already December! Does anyone know what happened to November? Heck for that matter, where did October, September, and even August go? Seems like yesterday that we were swimming at the Beach!

Oh well, December is here and I guess it's time to think about Christmas! Country Comes To Town has already found the time to decorate and I guess I'll find a few lights and decorations before the Jolly Ole' Man climbs down our chimney.

But luckily I'm one step ahead of the curve on shopping. I've already ordered one for Mom, one for oldest child, one for hubby, three for youngest child, two for two of the grans and one for the other gran.

But what the heck do you get for a Country Comes to Town? Anybody got any ideas?

Ok... I Try it Again

Just a quick note that I'm going to Try It Again. At least that way I won't be so Anonymous on my comments.