Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Final things to cook...

What do you have left to cook for the Holidays?

  • I have to make cornbread dressing and gravy to take on Christmas Eve. (you can see that I just finished baking a very large pan of cornbread to use in the dressing. I would have used my seasoned iron skillet and made corn pons but the skillet is at the cabin... am I am in town)

  • We are being treated to Breakfast on Christmas morning.

  • For Christmas Day lunch, I have been instructed to bring Mashed Potatoes and Corn & Pea Casserole. (What Holiday meal is complete with out 10-lbs of potatoes mashed up with tons of butter and milk? And by looking at the ingredients you can tell that Jim probably wouldn't touch the Corn and Pea Casserole lol...)

  • For dinner/supper Christmas night most of you know that Jim and I cook Rib-eyes on the grill. I have to go to the meat market to pick up the steaks. (I'll have to do my yearly research on exactly how long to grill steaks so they are med-rare, medium, and well done.

  • For the night after Christmas gathering I am supposed to bring a very large salad to go with Lasagna. (I'm trying to decide if I should do a traditional tossed salad and take along a bottle or Ranch. Or if I should make a really good salad with several kinds of lettuce, toasted pecans, feta or blue cheese, green and red onions, maybe dried cranberry, all tossed with some type of balsamic dressing?)
So, are YOU ready? Packages all bought and wrapped?
Will you be one of us that just HAS to get out and buy at least one 'something' on Christmas Eve... JUST BECAUSE IT'S TRADITION?


Sue said...

Gosh, your clan puts on a major feed bag! If I'm not mistaken, you have 4 consecutive meals starting Christmas Eve, and then follow the 4 meal marathon with a final dinner the day after Christmas. Does that about cover it? I think you guys may outdo my family, and that's not easy to do:)

We usually go for the feta, toasted pecan, vinegrette kind of thing rather than traditional salad. Last big thing I had, I did a salad with fresh pear, fennel, toasted pecans and feta with romaine and everybody cleaned it up. So I vote for salad #2, and suggest you throw a little chopped pear and a few peas on Jim's serving to make it extra special just for him.

Ann said...

Sue I think you are right! Your salad sounds really really good! I will be at the Piggly Wiggly picking up pears (and I'll save a few peas for Jim)

Jinxie said...

I love fixing cornbread stuffing and dumplings. yum yum

Angie ^i^ said...

I'll admit, I did go out and buy one last thing on Christmas Eve (actually two things.. I forgot to get the ex hubby something from the kids).

For folks I forgot to get stuff for all together I got creative. I put some miniature marshmallows in a zip lock baggy. Then I typed a card and tied it to the baggy. The card said:

"You've been naughty this year, so here's the scoop, all you get for Christmas is snowman's poop".


I always thought I cooked a lot! You cook circles around me young lady!!!

Ann said...

Angie! Snowman poop! lol...