Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christmas Came Early! Thank you family!!

Christmas came early for me this year. See what my children and hubby handed me this afternoon!!!!! A Blackberry Storm!

I will have to get it activated next week but they wanted me to have some time to play with it. (And yes they want the box back to wrap it so I will have a package to unwrap on Christmas)

I know that I WILL get the hang of it but right now it feels funny. I can't find things on it and I'm having trouble getting the right touch on clicking the icons! But with some practice I'm sure I'll master it and I love it!!!!!

I am one of those people that live by their computers. I use OUTLOOK for nearly everything. My contacts- names addresses emails etc. are all on there. I run my life with my calendar on OUTLOOK..... one time my computer crashed and I had no idea where I was supposed to be or do for several weeks! Now with a Blackberry--- I will have all that with me all the time!!! (that is if I can get it to sync with my work email through firewalls...etc! )

Thank you FAMILY (all of you) for getting me something I will really like and use! :-)


Angie ^i^ said...

You're braver than I am.. those Blackberry's intimidate me! Congrats though on the ultra cool gift!!!

Jim said...

Wow, that's a cool gift. I think you'll really enjoy that and it should be very productive since you are so busy. I'm glad they gave it to you early so that you can go ahead and get it activated before Christmas. You can record video with it also. Have fun playing with the new toy.

Sue said...

I'm with Angie. Blackberry's befuddle me. But I bet if someone gave me one, I'd be all over that baby and addicted within a week!
Merry Christmas, Ann!

VoteNovember2008 said...

Ann, I have a BB and it's nicknamed the "crack berry" for a reason. Enjoy your new addiction. I'm going to be changing phone carriers in the very near future and can't wait to get the "STORM". ENJOY and Merry Christmas, VN8

Anonymous said...

I thought I commented on it. I guess I read it and then went in the other room. lol

Congrats on the gift! I still use my palm, like it so far. lol