Sunday, December 7, 2008

(Alabama) Senators try to set priorities for session

By Sebastian Kitchen • December 7, 2008
After several contentious, unpredictable legislative sessions, state Sen. Wendell Mitchell has a plan that he believes will lead to a smoother, more predictable Senate when lawmakers return to Montgomery in February.

Eight top Democratic senators will serve on a panel that will talk to lobbyists, inter­est groups, and public officials before the session to gauge which bills are their top priorities and which ones they have con­cerns about.

"Among the (Democratic) caucus, I sense a zeal to have a productive session," Mitchell said.

Sen. Lowell Barron, D-Fyffe, who is chairman of the committee that decides which bills come to the floor for debate, has agreed to put some of those priorities at the front of the line when senators start de­bating legislation.

"I think it's real important in this partic­ular economic situation," Barron said. "We need to focus on those things that will help us budget-wise as well as help ...
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Jim said...

I thought I would say that I stopped by and read the post but don't know a thing about Alabama politics I'm afraid. The Siegelman appeal hearing is tomorrow in Atlanta. That will be interesting news.

Ann said...

Thanks for stopping by... Sadly enough I don't much about Alabama politics but this seemed interesting! The Sieglman appeal will be very interesting to follow!

Anonymous said...

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