Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Weather Radio...

I going to give in and get a weather radio!

Last night I woke up to horrible wind, rain, thunder and lighting. I wondered what was Really going on but our power was off. I listened for a few minutes and fell right back asleep.

Apparently a tornado hit an area called Pikeville just north of here! One of the girls that works at the restaurant called this morning about 6:00 and said their house had been hit around 1:00am. She said that it was after 3:00 before the police could get there because of down power lines and trees. Luckily they are all ok but still no power, no windows, and very little roof.


Sue said...

Good Lord! Poor thing and to have his happen right before Christmas. Does she have family to stay with? I've helped clean out a house with a collapsed roof from a hurricane, and it's not pretty. Your friend's got a real mess on her hands. What a shame.

Ann, I think that's a wise move to get the radio. I used to live in Oklahoma dead in the center of tornado alley and we had one. It went off several times and woke us up, but I tell you - we rested easier knowing it was in the house. And wouldn't you know, we never got hit in OK, but had a tornado miss our house by about 20 feet here in FL! Get the radio, Ann.

Jim said...

Ann I started to say that you were getting old and thinking like the in-laws but given the circumstances and how often tornadoes hit around you, I agree. Get the radio. Sorry to hear about the Pikeville damage. Is it anyone that I know?

Jim said... has the story and a photo of one home with TVA power lines down on it at Pikeville.

Ann said...

If you go to there is a 2:20 video Titled "Tornado Confirmed in Jackson. The girl that works at the restaurant is "Kim" in the video and you can see her house.

Also found out that the farm directly across from her house is owned by Johnny Holder. You can see his damage in the footage between :36 and :43... where you see the tractor.. it was surrounded by a fairly new barn before the storm.

My son-in-law apparently spent the day helping Johnny and Press get that big tree cleaned up.

Boy it was a mess!

Jinxie said...

Wow a Tornado, dang! I hope she has family to stay with!

I just found ya

Ann said...

Hey Martha... Thanks for stopping by.

Yes they have family but more lucky they have insurance. Yesterday they spent the day helpING SERVPRO secure the house from weather and intruders.

Then the insurance provided them with the resources to check into a hotel for the next few days.

Thank you everyone for the kind thoughts and prayers as they move through this ordeal.