Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Velveeta Cheese Chocolate Fudge is as good as any fudge around. I am NOT kidding!! But the best part is how easy it is to make.

I've made several different kinds of fudge in my time. I've made the kind you boil till you reach soft ball stage. I've made the kind where you mix and mix and mix and mix. I've made the kind where you do all this stuff and then fold in the marshmallow fluff. And some have been very good. Some turned out runny. Some where stiff. Some were grainy.

But the Velveeta Cheese Chocolate Fudge was by far the easiest I have EVER made. From start to finish, I think it took me about 15 minutes (and that was with stopping for 2 phone calls in the middle). It was perfectly creamy and just the right consistency. I changed the recipe just a little by using toasting walnuts instead of pecans. (Did you know that you can toast nuts in the microwave?)

So tonight at Bunco I didn't say anything about the recipe until after everyone had had several pieces (yep I cut them small). And when a couple of people complimented the fudge - then I explained the recipe. They were amazed.... No Process Cheese Flavor!!!!

I think that every one of you should try the recipe. And it does need to be filed as Great Recipes from Alabama BUT NOT beside Koolickles!!!!


Angie ^i^ said...

I totally believe you buttttttttt I'm not sure I'm daring enough to try it! I actually like the grainy fudge, though I've yet to figure out how to make it right! My Grandma used to make it perfectly grainy (though I don't think she meant to..lol).

I'm glad everyone at Bunco enjoyed it. Was there the "odd" after taste you had heard about?

Sue said...

Ok, I'm trying it.
And Ann, koolickles really are good. The ones you had at Jim's were boogered up - he like quadrupled the sugar or something. I'm telling you, if you follow the recipe, they're delicious.

Ann said...

Angie.... I know what you mean by that perfect grainy texture. But this really is something you should try. The taste.... I did not find the odd after taste.

Sue...I can't wait for you to try it and see how amazed you are that it turns into perfect fudge. When I mixed the cocoa into the powder sugar I thought there was nooo way it would turn into dark rick fudge... but presto chango it happened when it was all mixed together. But be sure to blot the top like it says...
I still might try koolickles someday --- made right!

Anonymous said...

Angie I'm with you I like grainy fudge. I love it when my mom makes fudge. She never measures but I did copy down the ingredients one day watching her make it.. it was a guessing game all the way. My mom says the only Domino surgar will do and the weather has to be right before making it. lol

Solie makes fudge in the microwave, its good, SWEET and soft.

Jim said...

I think that all I would be thinking about was orange cheese while I ate it. LOL I'm laughing at Sue talking about our boogered up koolickles.

Anonymous said...

Jim...I'm guessing you'll get to try some at Christmas! *And I'll make sure you do!!** ~GA