Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter 2009

Easter 2009! Our oldest daughter and her husband joined the church today. Their oldest daughter was Christened here about five years ago and today their four year old son and one year old daughter were Christened.

I've included a photo of the Christening gown. My first cousin Martha Pullen ( had the gown made for our youngest Molly, sixteen years ago. The oldest granddaughter wore it and today the baby.

We will put it back in storage for the next baby to come along.

I can tell you that is one more hard to iron dress. It took me about 1.5 hrs to iron it. I counted last night and including the lace on the sleeves and neckline.... there are 31 ROWS of lace.
There are three rows of 3-pin tucks and two rows of 5-pin tucks.

We also have water that was brought back for us from the River Jordon that is used for the Christening


Angie ^i^ said...

When I read this blog, and saw the pictures, one word came to mind... GORGEOUS!!

Ann, you're beautiful, as is your family! Not just on the outside either... the very core of who each of you are shines so brightly!!

Bless your heart! Ironing that gown must have been such a labor of love. You did a great job!

Thank you for sharing a tiny bit of your Easter Sunday!!

Many glorious blessings to you and your family!!!!

~Angie ^i^

Ann said...

Angie thank you! Your words are so kind!

Angie ^i^ said...

The words are just honest Ann!!

I failed to mention in my last comment about the Christening water. WAY cool that it was brought back from the River Jordon for y'all! What a special day! Oh, and the stained glass in the background is simply splendid!

Susannah said...

What a great day of rejoicing!
oh and Ann, your grandchildren are almost as cute as mine!

Angie ^i^ said...

LOL Suzy, even on Easter you're a BRAT!!!! Love you girlie!!! Happy Easter!

Susannah said...

BRAT!?! That was the highest compliment ever!
Love you too Angie and hope you are having a wonderful day!

Sue said...

Ann, thank you for sharing this sweet picture. The kids are absolutely adorable and that dress! Oh, man, what a work of art.
The only thing cuter than a barefoot, dirty little kid is one who's all dressed up for church:)
And you, by the way, look marvelous. Love your hair.

Glenna said...

Out of all the days to have a Christening, what a amazing day to have it.. You have a beautiful family.
Happy Easter

Jim said...

Oh I'm glad you posted that Ann. Great photo. I see that I have red "devil" eyes. LOL They've been telling me on these blogs that I'm the devil! It was wonderful day and it was great to be there with you all to celebrate Easter and the Christening of the two children.

Anonymous said...

awesome ann! beautiful Easter post!
Hugs and stuff to ya