Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Month of March Travels!

Beach Bound-
ALL the KIDS and I will be heading to the beach for Spring Break! We are lucky enough to have the use of this beach house for the week for just the cleanup and linens fees!

We will leave here on a Saturday around noon and return the following Friday.

Supper Club
Then Steve and I will host our Supper Club on Saturday night at the cabin.

Nashville Bound -
Then I'm probably off again. I may have to attend a conference for/with a friend in Nashville from Sunday - Thursday as a stand in grant writer.

Then I'm already scheduled to be in Nashville from Thursday night through Sunday for a PETS (Rotary's President Elect Training Sessions) conference.

Looks like I'm going to have to buy some of that hand-washing laundry detergent!


Jim said...

Ann it sounds like you have a full calendar! Find a good laundry mat or dry cleaners along the way and enjoy!

Ann said...

That's probably a good idea! Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Ann, the house on the beach is beautiful, reminds me of the ones we drive by when we are in Navarre, FL visiting the in-laws.

Have fun!

Sue said...

Ann, somehow missed this post last week!
What are you doing being the president of Rotary? Did you need something to replace the store? You must have an incredible amount of energy and my hat's off to you!