Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Rains and flooding......

Today we have had more than our share of rains in this area. There are roads underwater, roofs leaking, and basements flooded everywhere. And they have even delayed schools 2 hours tomorrow due to water over roads.

I spent a good part of the afternoon on a ladder with my head in the ceiling at our office trying to pinpoint the source of our leaks. We now have 5 buckets in the ceiling catching drips from several different directions. Hopefully they won't overflow before morning.

I checked our basement a little while ago and found one very tiny leak where water is seeping through/under the blocks! Hopefully our walls and Mother Country's walls will continue to hold! Please say a prayer!!! Cuz I have no desire to start sweeping water!!!!


Anonymous said...

oh...im so sorry! did i forget to invite you to our sweeping party?! i guess we'll see you bright and early in the am!!! ~GA

Anonymous said...

Ann, I am loving your backgrounds by the way!
I'm sorry about the leaks, that is so frustrating and it can cause so much damage. I hope it doesn't rain today. We got freezing rain so now its slick out there and they say we might get some snow later today. fun fun!

Angie ^i^ said...

I'm praying that your rain moves down here. We desperately need some. There's this nasty little line of storms stretching all the way from South Carolina to down past the West Coast of Florida. I'm assuming those storms already passed y'all (which I'm sure you didn't need).

I'm not sure what a water "sweeping" party is, but it doesn't sound like a whole lot of fun to me! Leaks are never fun, and though I'm not too terribly familiar with 'basements', I think they're clammy enough without having them damp from a leak too!

Try to stay dry Ann, and hopefully the rains will cease for y'all soon!!!

Jim said...

I checked yesterday and didn't see this post for some reason. Well I heard that a couple of you had flooded basements. Hope you're all dried up. Sorry I was there to help!