Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year's Day GOOD LUCK Food by Mother Country!

I hope you were able to have all the Good Luck Food for New Year's Day!

We were lucky enough to have ALL the Good Luck food (plus some) with Mother Country tonight. And EVERYONE had at least a tiny bite of all the 'important' foods. We should be in good shape for 2009!
Sliced Tomatoes
Cooked Cabbage
Mashed Potatoes
Sweet Cooked Onions
Hog Jowl
Pot Roast
Black-eye Peas
Turnips Greens
Fried Corn
(not shown)
Pecan Pie
Buttermilk Pie


Angie ^i^ said...

How on EARTH were you able to get ALL of that on ONE plate?? LOL.. those plates must have been HUGE!!

Great spread Momma Country put out there, I think next year it should be New Year's Day Feast at Mother Country's house for all the blogger friends! She'd love us all.. honest!!! =)~~~

Beautiful china by the way!


What is buttermilk pie? Sounds kinda gross (even though I like drinking buttermilk with salt and pepper in it).

Ann said...

Angie...I think Momma Country would love to fix a New Year's Day spread for all the Bloggers next year...

If you like Pecan Pie- you would probably love Buttermilk Pie. It is a lot the same with out the nuts.. It is a rich tangy custard pie.. here is a recipe (except I don't use the nutmeg)

And I DO NOT drink buttermilk... yuck!

Chris W. said...

We had some of the foods on you list.

Pork Roast
Black eyed peas

It's not all of them, but I ate double so hopefully I'll be good to go in 2009.

Angie ^i^ said...

Ann, I know you meant to say:

"And I DO drink buttermilk... yum!"

I'll check out that recipe, it sounds cool (especially if it resembles Pecan Pie). Thanks for linking it.

Sue said...

Angie drinks buttermilk? Don't think I've ever known anyone who has before. Guess it's an acquired taste.
And I don't even know what a hog jowl is. Heard of them forever, but never eaten them. Never will, either.
But the rest of Momma's spread sounds terrific!

Angie ^i^ said...

Sue, you've got to add just the right amount of salt and pepper to the buttermilk, then it taste great!!

I was at the store the other day buying salt pork and the butcher tried to get me to buy hog jowl. I didn't do it, but he told me it's less salty than salt pork and taste kinda like a really yummy bacon. He said once I go hog jowl, I'd never go back to salt pork.. I didn't take his word for it though. I bought my salt pork. =)

Ann said...

Sue- I'm with you on the buttermilk. I don't think there is enough salt and pepper in the world to make it appealing to me. (sorry Angie - this rates just above beets for me- gag) But my Nanny liked it very much... she would crumble cornbread (or crackers) in a big glass of buttermilk for supper.

Ann said...

Chris it sounds like you are good to go!!! and with double- you should have a Great Year! Happy New Year.

Angie ^i^ said...

Ann, My folks used to do that with cornbread too, but since I'm not a huge cornbread fan I never gave it a try.

Beets (btw) are YUMMY!!

You and your beets, Jim and his peas.. y'all have weird food dislikatures (yes, I made up that word.. pretty cool huh?). LOL

Ann said...

LOL... Angie I like that word - dislikatures. Actually I really like most everything (with MOST being the main word! lol)

Do you eat EVERYTHING?

Angie ^i^ said...

I eat MOST things.

Here's a small list of things that I either won't eat again, or won't even try:

Alligator Tail
Steak Tar Tar
Fried Cow Blood
Head Cheese
Lamb Fries

There are a few others, but you should by now be catching the recurring theme of foods I won't eat.. they're all GROSS!

Jim said...

Well part of that plate looked delicious. I'm still not about to eat blackeyed peas though. LOL

Ann said...

Now Angie... You just don't know how to enjoy the finer things in life.... When fix PROPERLY:
*Alligator Tail
*Steak Tar Tar
*Lamb Fries (I know know what this is.. will have to research...)
Are very very GOOD!

The rest of your list needs to be abolished from the face of food!

Angie ^i^ said...

I've tried Venison ~ will never eat Bambi again.

I've tried Alligator Tail ~ I'd rather have chicken.

Steak Tar Tar ~ there's only one type of raw meat I'll eat and that is.. nevermind.. lol

Lamb Fries ~ Fried Sheep Testicles... there is NO WAY I'll even try these!

Caviar ~ I've tried it. Overly salty cream of wheat is not to my liking.

Escargot ~ Will NEVER try! I won't eat snails! EWWWWWW

I agree with you about the rest of my won't eat list.. but I still think the above deserve a place there as well!! =)

i cant sew said...

thanks for visiting my little blog, it is always nice to meet new blog pals. happy new year.
%*_*% rosey